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Ontology Summit 2013: "Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle" - Communiqu�� draft workspace     (1)

The developing draft for of the communique is available here [ Communique-Draft-2013-04-18 ]     (1A1)

About the Communiqu��     (1B)

Summary     (1B1)

A Summary of the developing approach to the Communiqu�� was presented on 2013.02.21.     (1B1A)

Scope, Purpose, and How Developed     (1B2)

Communiqu�� content is developed through the many forms of summit participation (panel discussions, surveys, email, editing of wiki pages). Each track's champions maintain summary wiki pages.     (1B2A)

The communiqu�� editors and track champions create several drafts of the communiqu��. Participants review and make change suggestions, via dedicated summit sessions and asynchronous discussion on this wiki and via the [ontology-summit] mailing list.     (1B2B)

The final draft of the communiqu�� will be complete before the symposium in Gaithersburg and will be presented there. Following this, there will be a window for endorsement by summit participants and members of the wider ontology community. Finally, the communiqu�� will be submitted for publication in Applied Ontology     (1B2C)

The communiqu�� is intended to advance the state of the art of applied ontology by facilitating a consensus on an open question and identifying future challenges for the community. It is neither a summary of all that happened during the OS nor a research paper. Rather, it is an advocacy paper, based in the discussion, lessons, discoveries, and synthesis taking place over the course of the summit. The scope of the communiqu�� is therefore likely to be narrower than that of the summit.     (1B2D)

Schedule     (1C)

Current Outline     (1D)

This is the outline of the Communiqu��, developed by the co-editors and receiving general community support, based on Summit activities so far:     (1D1)

1 Executive Summary     (1D2)

2 Introduction     (1D3)

3 The State of the Art of Ontology Evaluation     (1D6)

  • 1 What are the desirable characteristics of ontologies and how     (1D7)

are they measured?     (1D8)

  • 2 What best practices should one adopt to ensure that     (1D9)

ontologies have the desirable characteristics in (a)?     (1D10)

  • 3 What tool-support is currently available to support the     (1D11)

evaluation of the characteristics and the best practices identified in (a) and (b)?     (1D12)

4 Future Steps What issues need to be addressed to improve ontology evaluation and its adoption by ontology developers?     (1D13)

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