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... for use by participants of the 12&13-Apr-2012 Ontology Summit 2012 workshop & symposium at NIST (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA).     (1A)

Please enter your message(s) below (kindly identify yourself and time-stamp it.) --PeterYim /2012.04.06-08:25am PDT     (1B)

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  • [PeterYim / 2012.04.12-01:07am EDT] - A couple of us are planning to have breakfast at the Hilton (lobby floor) restaurant at 6:30am (when they open up) Thu Apr-12 morning; and then go over to NIST, as there are many things to set up and check out. ... Those who are staying at the Hilton (or nearby) are welcome to join us.     (1G1)
  • [PeterYim / 2012.04.09-09:56am PDT] - I am arriving Gaithersburg on Wed 2012.04.11 and staying at the Hilton. Anyone interested to get together and go out to dinner that evening, please sign up below. We can meet at the Hilton lobby at 6:30pm and take it from there. Other ideas and suggestions welcome.     (1G3)
  • [PeterYim / 2012.04.09-09:54am PDT] - I leave on a plane that departs from the Dulles Airport (IAD) at 7:00pm on Fri 2012.04.13. If anyone would like to share a taxi (from NIST to the airport) or can give me a ride, please email me ( peter.yim [at] ). ... Thank you, Todd Schneider, for giving me a ride to the airport. (--PeterYim)     (1G4)

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