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OntologySummit2009: Perspectives from the Ontology Community

Lead Editor: MichaelGruninger


  • Identify applications of ontologies for the development, analysis, and

extension of information standards in industrial domains.


  • I see the following tasks and questions as being in the scope of the

upcoming Ontology Summit Towards Ontology-based Standards:

- Design ontologies that formalize concepts within existing standards

- Ontological analysis of existing standards (i.e. identify potential problems and semantic ambiguities) and the subsequent use of ontologies to reengineer existing standards

- Can existing ontologies be used to support the integration of existing standards? If not, what ontologies are needed?

- What ontologies should we be designing to lay the foundations for emerging standards and standards that are are currently under development?

The standards within this scope are often in specific industrial domains (e.g. STEP and other SC4 standards) rather than the upper-level arena. On the other hand, OMG efforts such as SVBR would also be in the scope, and these are more general.


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