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Ideas & Suggestions for OntologySummit2009

Theme: "Ontologies as the Next Generation of Information Standards"

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  • Use Cases from the OOR - Katherine Goodier
  • Questions to address (paraphrased from some points made by Line Pouchard on ontolog-forum:
    • how can we use [ontologies] for standards
    • what should be established guidelines for doing so
    • what would be some practical benefits
    • ... more (please enter below)
    • would standard developers buy into it?

- Steve Ray

Suggested Taskforce Breakout

  • ...

Suggestions on who else should be involved

  • Representation from OMG's MDA folks - EdDodds/2008.12.18
  • Representation from OpenGroup's UDEF folks - EdDodds/2008.12.18
  • Representation from OpenGroup's US XBRL - EdDodds/2008.12.18