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Second [ontolog] Face-to-Face Meeting & Workshops - Washington D.C. - July 6~9, 2004     (1)

Event Summaries     (1D)

This face-to-face event shall comprise a series of meetings and workshops, which include:     (1D1)

Event #3: Joint SICoP-Ontolog Meeting     (1D4)

Event #4: Meeting / Workshop with NIST     (1D5)

Resources     (1E)

Area Map     (1E2)

BobSmith has hightlighted the locations where the above events are likely to take place on a map of the greater DC area. (thanks, Bob. --ppy/2004.05.21_11:03am PDT)     (1E2A)

Personal Comments and Logistics     (1E3)

  • Kurt Conrad: Arriving in DC area on Saturday (07.03)... Checking into hotel in Bethesda on Monday (07.05)... Staying at Park Inn International in Rockville (301-881-5200)... Departing DC on Sunday (07.11)... My office number (408-247-0454) will forward to my cell     (1E3B)
  • Peter P. Yim: Arriving in DC area (via red-eye flight) on Tuesday morning (07.06.2004 9:17am, Reagan Airport)... Checking into the Four Points Sheraton Bethesda Hotel (301-654-1000) ... Departing Sat 07.10.2004 around 6pm ... I can be reached at 650-578-9998 (leave message if I'm unavailable)     (1E3C)
  • Bo Newman: I will be attending the conference (at least the Tuesday sessions) on behalf of my employer.     (1E3D)

Preparation Work Material     (1F)

Prot��g�� Workshop Proposal and Call for Participation     (1F1)

  • Rationale:     (1F1D)
    • The Ontolog Forum is an open, platform-neutral community, focused on issues associated with the engineering of business ontologies     (1F1D1)
      • One of its main projects has been to develop a formal ontology based on the UBL (OASIS - Universal Business Language) schemas     (1F1D1A)
      • The community has used Protege in a number of ways. Some were successful. Some were not.     (1F1D1B)
      • This workshop will report lessons learned, describe future projects, and other topics of general interest to the Protege / Ontological Engineering / eBusiness community     (1F1D1C)
    • Those with an interest in contributing to these general discussions of are encourage to attend and submit additional papers for consideration     (1F1D2)
    • The ontolog community wishes to take this opportunity to commence dialog with those who have the expertise in the ("lossless" or "lossy") conversion of Protege-based ontologies to OWL, RDF/S, XML/XSD, UML/UML-Class-Diagram, UML2/OCL, SQL, ... etc.     (1F1D3)
    • Scheduled Topics (Actual titles may change....)     (1F1F1)
      • Management of Ontology Projects that Rely on Virtual, Volunteer Teams (KurtConrad)     (1F1F1A)
      • Extending Protege to Import and Export SUMO KIF (PatCassidy)     (1F1F1B)
      • Using Protege to Formalize the REA (Resources-Events-Agents) Ontology (BillMcCarthy)     (1F1F1C)
      • Development of ontology-based meta-standards in an effort to introduce ontological engineering methodologies into eBusiness standards bodies (PeterYim)     (1F1F1D)
  • Who should be coming?     (1F1H)
    • individuals and corporate personnel interested in the research & development of E-Business standards through the use of ontological methodologies.     (1F1H1)
    • All members of the ontolog community, active members as well as observers.     (1F1H2)
    • those who are thinking of joining the [ontolog-forum] of finding out what it is doing.     (1F1H3)

Prot��g�� Workshop Planning Notes     (1F2)

SICoP-Ontolog Joint Meeting Planning Notes     (1F3)

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