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Number 35
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time September 12 2016 15:30 GMT
8:30 PDT/11:30 EDT
4:30pm BST/5:30pm CET
Convener MikeBennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG     (2)

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.     (3)

  • since the join.conference seemed to have been disabled or discontinued last time, we will use GoToMeeting today.     (5)

The main agenda item is next steps on the AO Special Edition.     (6)


Agenda     (7)

Proceedings     (8)

MikeBennett: Agenda     (8A)

1 Issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology     (8B)

Status update     (8C)

Notification formal Letters now sent for submitted papers     (8D)

Revised Papers status and progress     (8E)

New papers: Hackathon etc. actions     (8F)

Editorial for Special Edition     (8G)

2 Housekeeping     (8H)

updates     (8I)

3 Other Things     (8J)

Moving or changing the SWAO Blog?     (8K)

5 Next Meeting     (8M)

AndreaWesterinen: Reviewing status of the Special Issue ...     (8N)

AndreaWesterinen: KenB has located email notices to review Westerinen and Tauber paper.     (8O)

AndreaWesterinen: Westerinen to update the submitted paper based on KenB's recommendation ... Needs words that tie the article to the 2014 Summit and special issue.     (8P)

AndreaWesterinen: Discussion of different types of models - related to potential paper from Bennett.     (8Q)

AndreaWesterinen: Bennett has found that similar looking models are different - difference may be attributes vs subclasses.     (8R)

AndreaWesterinen: KenB discussed how children view the world. They think of things related to behavior versus sets.     (8S)

AndreaWesterinen: Requested that KenB take a look at his paper with Bipin to see if it is relevant to the special issue.     (8T)

AndreaWesterinen: Issue may not be terminology but context and assumptions.     (8U)

AndreaWesterinen: Context is related to situation.     (8V)

AndreaWesterinen: ToddS to provide reference to SCOPE Model.     (8W)

AndreaWesterinen: Link to the SWAO page ...     (8Y)

AndreaWesterinen: Link to the real blog ...     (8Z)

MikeBennett: Please report broken links to Ken for the wiki infrastructure     (8AA)

MikeBennett: and other infrastructure     (8AB)

MikeBennett: e.g. the IAOA Site, the SWAO Website; and the SWAO Blog     (8AC)

AndreaWesterinen: IAOA web site is changing ...     (8AD)

MikeBennett: Why not simply maintain our page in the SWAO page plus the blog?     (8AF)

KenBaclawski: We have control over this:     (8AG)

MikeBennett: Then take the page we link to from the IAOA web site that is consistent withthe other pages, and put e.g. the last 2 blog entries and a ref to the full blog, and get rid of the special website with the red heading.     (8AH)

MikeBennett: Then there is 1 access point.     (8AI)

AndreaWesterinen: KenB suggested moving the SWAO HTML pages to the ontologforum wiki.     (8AJ)

AndreaWesterinen: That way, we can update and edit the pages.     (8AK)

AndreaWesterinen: Right now, KenB is ssh'ing into the address and brute force updating the pages.     (8AL)

MikeBennett: Whereas the following link refers to tadmin tpe of stuff, we then extract the interesting stuff to t a more pubblicy advertised meeting space.     (8AM)

MikeBennett: If that works we won't need the blog if we do it all on the wiki     (8AN)

MikeBennett: Consensus: we focus on the wiki     (8AO)

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