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Number 34
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time August 01 2016 15:30 GMT
8:30 PDT/11:30 EDT
4:30pm BST/5:30pm CET
Convener MikeBennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG     (2)

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.     (3)

  • since the join.conference seemed to have been disabled or discontinued last time, we will use GoToMeeting today.     (5)

The main agenda item is next steps on the AO Special Edition.     (6)


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[11:30] MikeBennett:     (8A)

[11:39] MikeBennett: Infrastructure     (8P)

[11:39] MikeBennett: The bridge is definitely gone     (8Q)

[11:39] MikeBennett: Mailing list is OK with OVGU     (8R)

[11:39] MikeBennett: Other resources - Ken is funding some of this, needs a long term funding resolution     (8S)

[11:40] MikeBennett: Specifically, the wiki is funded by Ken (this is on Digital Ocean)     (8T)

[11:41] MikeBennett: The and other domains also have annual domain renewal fees.     (8U)

[11:41] MikeBennett: Mike will aim to reconvene the BoT this week or next week.     (8V)

[11:41] MikeBennett: Other items:     (8W)

[11:42] MikeBennett: The Repository (the one for all the documents on the wiki) is hosted at Amazon S3.     (8X)

[11:43] MikeBennett: Peter is still apparently doing a thing. This would be the archive of all the old stuff, which is still not fully moved over to the Amazon repository     (8Y)

[11:44] MikeBennett: There are still links in the rest of the world, to Peter's original domain, which sometimes resolves and sometimes doesn't. Hence the need for Amazon to store this material.     (8Z)

[11:45] MikeBennett: Similarly, useful resource pages, not all of which we knew were there, are still hosted on cim3.     (8AA)

[11:45] MikeBennett: For instance:     (8AB)

[11:46] MikeBennett: These will eventually be brought into the new wiki but this process takes time.     (8AD)

[11:46] MikeBennett: There is code that Ken has to help with that.     (8AE)

[11:47] MikeBennett: MediaWiki is the tool we are using now, but it lacks direct access to the database which limits what you can do. So Ken has written a service which addresses that issue.     (8AF)

[11:47] AndreaWesterinen: I am part of the education committee.     (8AG)

[11:48] AndreaWesterinen: That is where the ontology terminology is.     (8AH)

[11:49] MikeBennett: So, does the Education committee need access to any of the services we were talking about above?     (8AI)

[11:49] MikeBennett: We also need to be able to update the page linked above.     (8AJ)

[11:54] MikeBennett: This means that the Education Committee pages do not need to be migrated to Ken's wiki structures, though it would be helpful to have a link from there.     (8AL)

[11:54] MikeBennett: Meanwhile we would benefit from better integration among the IAOA resources.     (8AM)

[11:55] MikeBennett: Also the Wikipedia pages about IAOA need to be more proactively managed.     (8AN)

[11:55] MikeBennett: This could also fall to the Education Committee, who meet this Wednesday/     (8AO)

[11:57] MikeBennett: There are also new terms that are needed, that came up on Nicola's most recent course (co-presented with Giancarlo). These are in a paper that the 2 of them are working on.     (8AP)

[11:57] MikeBennett: Things like Sortal. Some are on the EC website and some are not.     (8AQ)

[11:59] MikeBennett: so this goes into deep concepts that need to be modeled, as well as the usage of high level terms like Ontology and been "Notion"     (8AR)

[12:01] MikeBennett: We still have no clear picture of what the infrastructure actually is. Need to make is explicit.     (8AS)

[12:02] MikeBennett: This all needs to be written on a page somewhere.     (8AT)

[12:04] MikeBennett: It merits a separate page for what it takes to make the actual things exist. For example where is actually running (Digital Ocean)); who knows it (Ken) and so on.     (8AW)

[12:05] AndreaWesterinen: But OntologyForum is not = IAOA.     (8AX)

[12:09] MikeBennett: Ontolog Forum BoT will be 4th. 12:30 Eastern Time (normal Ontolog slot).     (8AY)

[12:25] AndreaWesterinen: Note that my other paper will arrive by next Monday.     (8AAA)

[12:27] MikeBennett: Blog - no time right now.     (8AAB)

[12:27] MikeBennett: AoB?     (8AAC)

[12:27] MikeBennett: Adjourn     (8AAD)

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