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Number 28
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time February 01 2016 16:30 GMT
8:30 PST/11:30 EST
4:30pm GMT/5:30pm CET
Convener MikeBennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG     (2)

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.     (3)

The main agenda item this week is next steps on the Special Edition.     (5)

Agenda     (6)

Proceedings     (7)

[11:32] MikeBennett:     (7A)

[11:34] MikeBennett: Special Edition of AO     (7P)

[11:40] MikeBennett: We will wait until all the papers are in before allocating reviewers.     (7Q)

[11:41] MikeBennett: We will then have a meeting to do that.     (7R)

[11:41] MikeBennett: Meeting attendance for that?     (7S)

[11:42] MikeBennett: Invite all potential reviewers to this meeting (all SWAO circulation).     (7T)

[11:43] MikeBennett: Let SWAO members know that if you don't show up you would be allocated papers to review anyway.     (7U)

[11:43] MikeBennett: Last month we talked about having one of the 4 or 5 regular attendees as a "second reviewer". In practice, we'll figure that out at the meeting itself.     (7V)

[11:45] MikeBennett: Web page: need to update the SWAO CfP web page. However we have been unable to raise NAicong recently.     (7W)

[11:45] MikeBennett: There is a deeper problem - the IAOA web page itself has a blanket software problem whereby they can't update the site at all.     (7X)

[11:46] MikeBennett: is also onthat structure     (7Z)

[11:46] MikeBennett: the Call for Papers is therefore also unupdateable.     (7AA)

[11:49] MikeBennett: It should be possible to update the SWAO parts of this on the pages above, given just the FTP login and password, as these dont' seem to have been generated by whatever software generates the IAOA main pages.     (7AB)

[11:50] MikeBennett: Ken can find out the FTP login details for us?     (7AC)

[11:50] MikeBennett: Confirmed.     (7AD)

[11:53] MikeBennett: For the SWAO pages, could one of Ken's students take these on (as raw HTML, outside of the IAOA machine-generated structure)?     (7AE)

[11:53] MikeBennett: There is some reluctance on this in terms of using students, from an IAOA POV.     (7AF)

[11:56] MikeBennett: Will need an SSH connection not just FTP     (7AG)

[11:58] MikeBennett: Progress on publicizing the CpF     (7AH)

[11:58] MikeBennett: Ken will do a gentle reminder to every speaker on the OS 2014 speakers list     (7AI)

[11:59] MikeBennett: Andrea and Mike will also connect with Trak C participants directly, this week.     (7AJ)

[11:59] MikeBennett: Other lists:     (7AK)

[12:00] MikeBennett: MB has that complicated list of lists - had circulated earlier version to those that accept non member posts. Need to remail the ones I successfully maield before.     (7AL)

[12:00] MikeBennett: And send list to Leo of the ones I couldn't.     (7AM)

[12:01] MikeBennett: OntologyInvites mailing list.     (7AN)

[12:01] MikeBennett: MB to do that today.     (7AO)

[12:03] MikeBennett: Housekeeping:     (7AP)

[12:04] MikeBennett: Since the IAOA page is not working why not use a page on the Ontolog structure     (7AQ)

[12:04] MikeBennett: That is this wiki.     (7AR)

[12:04] MikeBennett: Keep this wiki version of the CfP as our definitive version of the CfP.     (7AS)

[12:05] MikeBennett: Ken will do that.     (7AT)

[12:07] MikeBennett: If there are any changes we should maintain the two in parallel.     (7AU)

[12:08] MikeBennett: For reasons, we should regard the IAOA version as the official one once that structure is working again.     (7AV)

[12:09] MikeBennett: We won't take either page down until the Special Edition work is over.     (7AW)

[12:11] MikeBennett: Editing of the CfP includes replacing the bad link to the old Ontology Summit wiki (see last month Chat Log for definitive list of actions on the CfP)     (7AX)

[12:11] MikeBennett: We'll list all these actions on this month's page a well.     (7AY)

[12:13] MikeBennett: The Home Page for SWAO has a link to the mail list - this is up to date.     (7AZ)

[12:13] MikeBennett: SWAO Blog     (7AAA)

[12:14] MikeBennett: We have got a conversation under way.     (7AAB)

[12:14] MikeBennett: Access issues:     (7AAC)

[12:14] MikeBennett: No progress on that.     (7AAD)

[12:15] MikeBennett: Posting replies requires a Google ID. This is a limitation for some.     (7AAE)

[12:17] ToddSchneider:     (7AAF)

[12:17] MikeBennett: Permissions for actually doing stuff - should be anyone on this group anyway, and can be a regular email.     (7AAG)

[12:18] MikeBennett: More on Housekeeping:     (7AAH)

[12:18] MikeBennett: The new Wiki meeting page is quite nice.     (7AAI)

[12:19] MikeBennett: The code for Previous Meeting is also very useful - others don't seem to have the code.     (7AAJ)

[12:20] MikeBennett: We can share this with other groups that use this wiki structure.     (7AAK)

[12:23] MikeBennett: AOB?     (7AAL)

[12:23] MikeBennett: No     (7AAM)

[12:36] List of attendees: KenBaclawski, MikeBennett, ToddSchneider     (7AAN)

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