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Gunar Penikis

Gunar Penikis

Sr. Product Manager

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Gunar Penikis is the Product Manager for Adobe’s Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), an open, standards-based enabling technology that fosters the capture, preservation, and interchange of metadata across digital media and workflows.

He has been with Adobe for over 7 years involved in the definition and management of diverse product such as Adobe Version Cue, Adobe DesignTeam and consumer products such as PhotoDeluxe.

Previous to Adobe he has worked as a software engineer for Creative Wonders, an educational software joint venture between Electronic Arts and ABC.

Gunar holds a bachelor of science degree in engineering physics from Queen’s University, Canada, and an International MBA from York University, Canada.

Mr. Penikis has been featured speaker at industry events such as:

  • News Standards Summit
  • Digital Asset Management Symposium
  • Research Library Group
  • IFRA - Metadata for the Newspaper Industry

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