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Duration 1 hour
Date/Time 22 Mar 2023 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
4:00pm GMT/5:00pm CST
Convener Gary Berg-Cross

Ontology Summit 2023 Wikidata

Helping scientific researchers make better use of ontologies


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  • Date: Wednesday, 22 Mar 2023
  • Start Time: 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT / 5:00pm CET / 4:00pm GMT / 1600 UTC
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  • Expected Call Duration: 1 hour
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Vaccine Ontology

[09:16] Tiago Lubiana: Now the scraper has run, here is the auto mappings and suggestions for the Vaccine Ontology:

[09:19] Asiyah Yu Lin - NIAID: Tiago, we could work with you on VO and Wikidata. I will connect you with Oliver He.

[09:20] Tiago Lubiana: Thanks Asiyah! I set up the mapping infrastructure, but I cannot actually work on that for the moment. Hopefully in the future!

[09:21] Asiyah Yu Lin - NIAID: I believe that's the same for Oliver. A lot on plate now. I will circle back to you.

Wikidata Disambiguation

[09:33] Vincent Vialard: having worked on entity disambiguation using addresses, i can testify that places are NOT well defined in wikidata. it checks most of the issues listed by gary...

[09:36] Tiago Lubiana: There is some discussion on schemas on subdomains here:

Detecting Misinformation

[09:38] Tiago Lubiana: yep, that is a good point. It is relatively simple to go back and fix once bullshit is spotted, though

[09:39] James Overton: I accept Vincent's point that stuff like ChatGPT generates BS that can be harder to my BS detector to detect.

[09:40] Tiago Lubiana: one thing that Wikidata has that is kind of unique is the open "Discussion" forums on each entry on Wikidata, where people can agree and disagree on an entity-by-entity basis

[09:44] Tiago Lubiana: @Vincent this article discusses just that: classes, metaclasses and ontological disarray on Wikidata:

[09:45] Tiago Lubiana: Also, people are working on subsetting Wikidata to extract subdomains that might be more structured using ShEx:

[09:46] Tiago Lubiana: It is searchable in SPARQL, so it can be converted in RDF


[09:50] Tiago Lubiana: I don't know if I understood it completely the question, James, sorry!

Here are the Wikidata dumps:

Wikibase has some different datatypes that might play the role of Literals:

[09:51] James Overton: No worries. Your answer was good! Thanks

Wikidata Channel

[09:51] Tiago Lubiana: (I do have to leave now, unfortunately, thank you for opening this space! We have a Wikidata channel in the OBO slack by the way, if anyone has other questions:


[09:52] Vincent Vialard:


[09:56] James Overton: This page discusss DBPedia and Wikidata, but I'm still a bit confused:


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