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Sign-up for community members (or their companies) interested in participating in possible upcoming US Government Health-related work     (1C)

  • A poll for those who are interested in participating in the abovementioned US Government Health-related work     (1C2)
    • If you or your organization(s) are interesting in participating in or contributing to US Government Health-related semantic technology work, please post, on your namesake page (by clicking onto your wikiword name), the following information:     (1C3A)
      • 1. a short bio of yourself     (1C3A1)
      • 2. What are the skillset and resources you can bring to the table?     (1C3A2)
      • 3. What are the type of project you would be interested in participate in?     (1C3A3)
      • 4. in what capacity? (volunteer, contractor, sub-contractor, as delegate from your agency, ... etc.)     (1C3A4)
      • 5. if participating as a contractor or subcontractor, what is the entity/institution that the work will need to be awarded to ("contract vehicle")?     (1C3A5)
      • 6. relevant past experience with working on US governemnt contract work.     (1C3A6)
    • parts of the information that you do not like to expose on a public site (like this) could be sent by email to <> and <> for this purpose. We will compile a list of the information from this poll that will only be presented privately to the relevant parties. Feel free to email us for clarification too.     (1C4A)

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