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Emergency Response Ontology Links provided by BrandKNiemann     (1)

Job Description     (1A)

  • Observation: Tools listed under Job Description namely, Metis, System Architect, Provision are EA tools. More clarification is needed for the Ontology modeling tools that are needed and the relative job aspects that are Enterprise Architecture and\or Ontology Modeling.     (1A2)

Janary 25 Ontolog Conference Call     (1B)

Following recent e-mail threads titled Emergence and Response Ontology addressed need for community input     (1C)

Following Community Resources request broader input on Emergency Reponse Ontologies     (1D)

  • NCOR call for public-domain ontologies relevant to emergency resonse (deadline July 15) November 28 and 29: OIC 2007     (1D3)

Mills Davis collected feedback on the Top 5 Ontology Driven Applications     (1E)

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