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Calendar of Relevant Open Events in 2011 that may be of Professional Interest to the Ontolog Community     (1)

Q4/2011     (2)

Q3/2011     (3)

Q2/2011     (4)

  • 12 & 13-April-2011 - ODISSEE Workshop - Ontology Driven Implementation of Semantic Services for the Enterprise Environment (ODISSEE) Workshop - a two day workshop co-hosted by Alion Science and Technology and the National Center for Ontological Research (NCOR, University at Buffalo) - Washington, DC, USA - Free- see:     (4B)

Q1/2011     (5)

Year 2010 Events - see: RelevantEventsOfInterest2010     (6)

Links to Other Relevant Event Calendars        (7)

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