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Calendar of Relevant Calls that may be of Professional Interest to the Ontolog Community with Deadlines in 2009     (1)

Call Deadlines in Year 2010 - see: RelevantCallsOfInterest2010     (1A)

Deadline in Q4/2009     (2)

Deadline in Q3/2009     (3)

Deadline in Q2/2009     (4)

  • 8-Jun-2009 - submission deadline for abstract, which is a prerequisite to the submission of a paper, due 21-Jun-2009, for ISWC 2009 - to be held on 25 - 29     (4A)

October, 2009, in Fairfax, Virginia, USA - See for full ISWC 20009 for conference details and for specifics on calls for papers     (4B)

Deadline in Q1/2009     (5)

Call Deadlines in Year 2008 - see: RelevantCallsOfInterest2008     (5C)

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