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The Ontolog Community Events Calendar

About the Calendar

The OntologCommunityEventsCalendar lists events conducted by Ontolog, its sub-communities and activities.

A note about html links in calendar entries

  • If you single-click on an event in the embedded calendar view below, you will get a pop-op preview of the event info (popped-up without losing or changing the focal page in the background). In this view, the links are not clickable or active.
  • If you click on the "more details" link at the lower left of the pop-up, the full event entry will open in its own browser tab or window. In this view, the links are active and clickable.

Viewing and subscribing to the calendar

  • Viewing of this Calendar is public. Its Calendar ID is .

Adding information to the calendar

  • While viewing of the calendar is public, editing permissions are restricted to a group of trusted members of the Ontolog Community who have volunteered to contribute to some aspect of calendar management and maintenance.
  • Ongoing Ontolog activities and events (for example, mini-series, summits, working groups, and special interest groups) should have at least one person among their organizers who has permission to edit the calendar and takes on the task of making sure that their event information is added to the calendar and regularly updated.
  • The general Calendar Manager(s) for the Ontolog Community handle(s) any other calendar maintenance. A permanent email address for submitting information for the calendar is coming soon.
  • In the meantime, contact the current calendar manager, AmandaVizedom, to have information added to the calendar.