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[edit] Links to helpful resources     (2)

This is a place for the community at large to document the ontologies that they have found or created.     (2A)

"The people who subscribe to ontolog-forum have expressed a great deal of knowledge about and interest in such issues. They should be encouraged to participate. But the participants in the registry project need not be identical to the set of subscribers to ontolog-forum." John Sowa     (2B)

"Anybody who is feeling that he can effectively contribute to the cause of Global Federate Ontology is to be welcomed. For the contributions are largely of two kinds: 1. the core federal ontologies; 2. an extensive number of federated ontologies, domain knowledge bases, lexicons, subject classification systems, large-scale databases, etc." Azamat Abdoullaev     (2C)

[edit] Ontology Theme Song     (2E)

Unfortunately this video is no longer available at this location due to a copyright claim: The Logical Song     (2E1)

[edit] Ontology and Logic     (2F)

A number of important philosophical problems are problems in the overlap of logic and ontology. Both logic and ontology are diverse fields within philosophy, and partly because of this there is not one single philosophical problem about the relation between logic and ontology. In this survey article we will first discuss what different philosophical projects are carried out under the headings of "logic" and "ontology" and then we will look at several areas where logic and ontology overlap.     (2F1)

[edit] History of Ontology Research     (2G)

[edit] Cross Ontology/meta ontology tools     (2H)

[edit] Known Ontologies     (2I)

[edit] Applications using ontologies     (2J)

[edit] Reviews of Known Ontologies     (2K)

[edit] Comparisons of Ontologies     (2L)

[edit] Criteria for Selecting an set of base ontologies     (2M)

[edit] Construction of a Foundation Ontology     (2N)

[edit] Theoretical Basis for a Foundation Ontology     (2O)

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