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Markus Krötzsch

Research Group Leader,

Department of Computer Science,

Technical University of Dresden


email: markus.kroetzsch [at] / markus [at]


My scientific interests are, broadly speaking, in the area of intelligent information systems. I have made contributions to lightweight and rule-based ontology languages, query answering, reasoning complexity, and content management and integration platforms for the Web of Data. This has led to many publications, but also to introductory texts (including two textbooks) and other teaching materials. I also co-edited the W3C Web Ontology Language standard OWL 2.

My most important ongoing development projects are the semantic content management system Semantic MediaWiki and the highly efficient ELK ontology reasoner. I maintain the community portal. In each of these projects, I have the pleasure of working with some excellent collaborators.

Previously, Dr. Krötzsch has been a researcher at the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (Institute AIFB) of the Universität Karlsruhe (TH) where he is currently working on his PhD thesis. He received his Master of Science in Computational Logic at Technische Universität Dresden. His research interests involve knowledge representation on the Semantic Web, the logical foundations thereof, and the efficient processing of such knowledge. He also is the lead developer of Semantic MediaWiki, maintainer of the community portal, and a member of the Rule Interchange Format and the OWL working groups of W3C.

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