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Session General Disaster Parametric Landscape
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time 26 Jan 2022 17:00 GMT
9:00am PST/12:00pm EST
5:00pm GMT/6:00pm CET
Convener Ravi Sharma
Track Disaster Landscape


Ontology Summit 2022 General Disaster Parametric Landscape     (2)

Pandemics and Other Disasters     (2A)

Agenda     (2B)

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Discussion     (2E)

[12:05] ToddSchneider: Is there common 'agreement' on the definition of 'disaster'?     (2E1)

[12:09] RaviSharma: Hello everyone and welcome to this second session.     (2E2)

[12:13] Gary BC: @Paul I see that Ajay is on the Zoom. You can introduce his as part of the panel and he can say what he likes and answer Qs if there are any.     (2E3)

[12:18] RaviSharma: How do you keep information current, such as fixing broken links etc?     (2E4)

[12:19] ToddSchneider: The discovery problem is always with us     (2E5)

[12:20] ToddSchneider: The link from Joshua Lieberman:     (2E6)

[12:21] RaviSharma: thanks Todd     (2E7)

[12:23] RaviSharma: Another link from Josh is     (2E8)

[12:29] RaviSharma: Paul - what inventory management systems were used at backend and were these not affected by disaster? any backup or recovery?     (2E10)

[12:35] Paul Churchyard ( @ravi other applications of our medical supply needs index in the us do incorporate existing inventory of medical supply on hand as well as within the supply chain.     (2E11)

[12:49] Ajay Gupta: Hello All and thank you for the opportunity to speak. Paul is our Chief Geospatial Officer and more than capable! I am in a place with high background noise.     (2E12)

[12:56] Mark Underwood: Wonder if speakers are familiar with XchangeCore and SABER, which have been used for disaster coordination prior to COVID19 Lot of dependence on ESRI California Governors Office of Emergency Services sponsored work in c. 2017     (2E14)

[12:57] Mark Underwood: I assume another antacid is needed for NIEM?     (2E15)

[12:58] Mariya Evtimova: What about the Dublin core standard?     (2E16)

[13:09] Paul Churchyard ('s work has had operational impact We've supported FEMA, several states, the WHO, and others throughout the pandemic with the indices we discussed today throughout the pandemic.     (2E17)

[13:12] Paul Churchyard ( At the local level, We've supported a small city (Seat Pleasant, MD), however, much of the work was at the State level.     (2E18)

[13:15] Josh Lieberman (OGC): Thanks to everyone for their attention and questions.     (2E19)

[13:15] Paul Churchyard ( Thank you everyone for your time!     (2E20)

[13:16] Ajay Gupta ( Thank you everyone for inviting us to speak and your thoughtful questions     (2E21)

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