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I am now a retired professional translator who used to work with the Hungarian and English languages as a freelancer for about 20 years. I received my MA in Applied Linguistics from ELTE University Budapest, Hungary in 1966. I was also awarded three post-graduate Dip. Trans. degrees in (1987) in IT, Business and Social Sciences. My semi-specialisms covered a large range of domains from business through IT to law. My last contractual principal was the Secretariat of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) for whom I translated the English language mutation of the HAS’ website ( In my working life that included teaching English too, I became a patent holder of CALL-16, a Computer-Assisted Language Laboratory (1984), and a co-author of SesameTM, a DOS program suite for producing multilingual and/or multi-volume dictionaries (a kind of translators' workbench) and allowing group work and the exchange/merging/separation of standardized glossaries over the telephone/computer link-up (1992). My interest in Ontology stems in the theory and the practical issues of MT and NLP. A long time ago I was already participating in Ontolog Forum discussions where I made attempts to share my ideas on the components (semantic primitives) of a lean upper ontology with little success. Seeing that SUMO since then has been adapted to WordNet, today, and the semantic primitives of object, property and relation are now accepted, I am more prepared and confident that my ideas would be more palatable to the ontolog community and acceptable for utilization. FerencKovacs (talk) 02:59, 8 March 2018 (EST)