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Ontology Summit Ontology Design     (1)

The following are the main ICOM concepts used by the Summit Ontology:     (1A)

  • icom_conf:Conference     (1D)
    • A Conference is a meeting.     (1D1)
    • The following are all examples of Conferences:     (1D2)
    • The following are the properties of Conference:     (1D3)
      • icom_conf:conferenceSetting icom_conf:ConferenceSetting[0..1]     (1D3A)
      • icom_conf:conferenceStatus icom_conf:ConferenceStatus[0..1]     (1D3B)
      • icom_conf:conferenceType icom_conf:ConferenceType[0..1]     (1D3C)
        • Possibilities are ChatRoom, Impromptu, OtherConferenceType and Scheduled. While face to face meetings are not included, they can be modeled.     (1D3C1)
      • icom_conf:runningSession icom_conf:ConferenceSession[0..1]     (1D3D)
        • This has information such as the description, comment, (actual) end date and time, etc.     (1D3D1)
        • The location can be specified here.     (1D3D2)
      • icom_conf:scheduledEndDate xsd:dateTime[0..1]     (1D3E)
      • icom_conf:scheduledStartDate xsd:dateTime[0..1]     (1D3F)
        • This is the "date" of VirtualMeeting. Note that one can specify both scheduled and actual start and end dates/times.     (1D3F1)
      • icom_conf:transcript icom_doc:Document[0..*]     (1D3G)
      • icom_core:organizer icom_core:Participant[0..1]     (1D3H)
        • This is the organizer of the meeting. Note that there is only one. However, it could be a Group/Community.     (1D3H1)
      • icom_core:parent icom_core:FolderContainer[0..1]     (1D3I)
        • The parent is the Space of the Conference.     (1D3I1)
        • This is the "responsibleOf" and "hasWeeklySession" of VirtualMeeting as both of them are spaces     (1D3I2)
  • Administrative properties     (1H)
    • Administrative and access control properties such as lastModifiedBy were not included in the above as the wiki already maintains these.     (1H1)