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10:20, 5 September 2019Screenshot-2--JansAasman 20190904.png (file)253 KBKennethBaclawski 
00:03, 5 September 2019Screenshot-1--JansAasman 20190904.png (file)259 KBKennethBaclawski 
21:55, 15 October 2015CCEA Presentation to SICOP.pdf (file)1.03 MBRoyERoebuck (The 09/2005 presentation to the Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice (SICOP) of US CIO Council. CCEA is the project to establish a prototype EA Management System for the US Federal Executive Branch Communication Continuity Enterprise Archit...)
10:11, 21 August 2015Vespucci page.jpg (file)138 KBGarybc (Image of Vespucci Meeting)
08:19, 20 August 2015The things about location MikeG for socop.pdf (file)146 KBGarybc (A talk by Michael Gruninger on "What are the fundamental ontological commitments and ontological choices for location? and How is location related to mereotopologies and other spatial ontologies? and How is location related to physical objects? )
14:59, 4 March 2015TrackB-Ontology Summit 2015-Kotis-SIIoT.pdf (file)1.27 MBGarybc (Kotis-SIIo talk)
10:32, 2 March 2015Computational Observation Abstract.docx (file)17 KBGarybc (One of the potential foundational pieces of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the work done by the W3C Incubator Group on semantic sensor networks. A core component that was resultant of the groups work was the Sensor Stimulus Observation Ontology Design...)
14:50, 6 November 2014Brainstorm2SocioTechnico.pdf (file)35 (Possible topics for 2015 Ontology Summit)
14:46, 22 March 2013IcomOntology.png (file)25 KBKennethBaclawski 
18:10, 13 March 2013Pages into Categories.pdf (file)4 KBMvegetti 
08:59, 7 March 2013RAYOS DE SOL.jpg (file)78 KBMvegetti 
08:54, 7 March 2013Aconcagua.jpg (file)18 KBMvegetti