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Russell Reinsch

Russell founded McLean Systems Integration [MSI] in 2019, to provide computer systems design and systems analysis services to the public sector. Russell served in many roles prior to MSI, including CIO of Loci, a technology startup developing a system and method for fuzzy mapping, voting ontology crowdsourcing and technology prediction. He has served as Co-Chair of the NIST Big Data Standards Roadmap Subgroup since 2015, and lead contributor to SP1500-7 and SP-1500-10.

His earlier experience covers a range of disciplines including business analysis, engineering, and over the horizon [OTH] communications. Current interests include assessment of flat graph centrality and nearest neighbor heuristics, and fitness of ontology evolution variations. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Russell earned his Bachelor of Science degree Magna cum Laude in Science Technology Studies at Arizona State University and has completed executive development programs with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and WJ Technologies.