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Rob Young    (1)

Thirty four years experience in information technology and business with roles such as: Software/Systems Developer; DBA; Data Administrator; Functional Specialist; Senior Oracle Applications Developer; Technical Team Leader; 2nd and 3rd tier Support; Technical Lead; Business Analyst; Project Manager; Operations Manager. Qualified to MBA and degree level. Chartered Mechanical Engineer. Sector experience in Industry (Automotive, Engineering) and the Public Sector (National Health Service, Higher Education).     (1A)

I am now semi-retired, living in Cambridge, UK, and focusing on 'things', systems related, such as: General Systems Theory, and the Systems Community.     (1B)

I feel there are rich possibilities for collaboration between Systems, and Ontology Engineering. In particular, I am interested in learning more about the field of: Upper/ Foundational Ontologies, and investigating 'synergies with the field of Systems. In general, I look forward to learning more about Ontology Engineering, and The Ontology Community/Forum.     (1C)