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Ontolog Regular Conference Calls     (1)

  • Current Scheduled: Every Thursdays starting - 17:30 UTC / 10:30am Pacific Time / 1:30pm Eastern Time     (1A)
    • the call will typically last for 1 hour (regular weekly calls) to 2 hours (invited speaker sessions or scheduled discussions)     (1A1)
    • please refer to specific session details at: MeetingsCalls     (1A2)

Change of regular call schedule - Assessment: July 2005     (1B)

  • Inputs received:     (1B2)
    • open discussion in progress (comments invited); will deliberate after end June 2005 (allowing W3C SWBPD to decide on their regular call time first.        (1B2A)
    • Michael Grüninger also indicated last week (during the 2005.06.30 session) that our Thursday call time conflicts with that of the SWSF WG call schedule too.        (1B2B)
    • SteveRay/2005.07.18 - "Input on alternative Ontolog meeting times: I would be able to attend at least some of the Ontolog meetings if they were held on any of: Monday, Tuesday or Friday PM. Cheers, Steve"        (1B2C)
    • Rex Brooks: "The only times on Thursday that don't work for me are 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. ET which is the WSRP TC telecon times. Even though I am on the West Coast, I am an early riser so the earlier the better for me." 2005.07.06 post     (1B2D)
    • Evan Wallace: "The regular biweekly SWBPD wg telecon has moved from Thursdays to Mondays at 1700 UTC (every other week). A separate OEP Task Force telecon is currently still held on Thursday at 1900 UTC which is compatible with Ontolog's current slot. But that may move as well. ... ... In summary, the current Ontolog slot is looking better for me. If it were to be moved, I would have potential conflicts starting at 1700 UTC on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays." 2005.07.06 post     (1B2E)
    • ScottLHolmes: "Ah, good. I've not been able to participate     (1B2F)

lately on account of this issue. ... ... (a) Any day is a good day. Thursdays seem fine. ... (b) I'm in Eastern time zone - I have to take time away from my regular job to attend and this is seldom possible (remaining so for the next several months). A start time later in the day 4-5 p.m. EST would be ideal - I don't mind staying late to participate." 2005.04.15 post     (1B3)

      • note that quite a few people have scheduled others things around to slot our the time for the regular Thursday Ontolog call now     (1B4A1)
      • therefore still preferable, unless there is an overwhelming demand to change, to keep the current Thursday 17:30 UTC time (10:30am Pacific Time / 1:30pm Eastern Time)     (1B4A2)
    • the fact that there are only three requests (from ScottLHolmes, Steve Ray & MichaelGruninger) for change, and no consensus on what to change it to, the meeting concludes that we should keep the current time.     (1B4B)

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