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Prior Art relating to US Patent Application Number 20090055437     (1)

This page has been set up to help collect prior art relating to US Patent Application Number 20090055437 (by Ceusters, Werner et al. filed on 6-Aug-2008), which may have been missed by the inventors, to help inform the patent application and examination process.     (1B)

Subject Patent Application: US Patent Application No. 20090055437 REFERENT TRACKING OF PORTIONS OF REALITY     (1C)

  • Inventors: Ceusters, Werner M.R. (Buffalo, NY); Manzoor, Shahid (Amherst, NY); Smith, Barry (Williamsville, NY)     (1D)
  • Assignee: THE RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF SUNY (Amherst, NY)     (1E)
  • Serial No.: 187149     (1F)
  • Filed: August 6, 2008     (1G)

Abstract     (1H)

Management of information is facilitated by unambiguously tracking portions of reality over time. To track the portions of reality, a referent tracking system is used. The referent tracking system is able to communicate with other tracking systems and/or tradition information systems. Errors in the referent tracking system are detected and corrected to maintain actual representations of the portions of reality.     (1H1)

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