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Pat Barkman     (1)

3rd Party Organization     (1A)

email:     (1B)

My technology background includes 20+ years of software development and software/hardware integration; web-based for the past decade or so. The most relevant to this work would probably be my participation on the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee where I worked on the Standard for Learning Object Metadata back in the days when Online Universities were still in the embryonic stage.     (1C)

Our organization has a dataset that encompasses/blends several disciplines: Physics, Biology, Cosmology and others. As a result our semantics are very unique and therefore integrate poorly with existing ontological data. Our interest is to remediate the disconnection.     (1D)

Our use cases are: 1) Produce a Topic Page as output from an Ontology to facilitate SEO 2) Multilingual search functionality (against an all-english data set) 3) Enhance our own internal search capability     (1E)