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Ouida Meier

Ouida Meier is an ecologist and data addict currently working on informatics and cyberinfrastructure in the service of coral reefs at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii. Her Ph.D. (University of Georgia) and postdoctoral work (University of Charleston) focused on coral reef ecology, particularly in the Florida Keys and Bahamas. When Ouida subsequently worked at Western Kentucky University as a research scientist, she gained extensive experience in watershed work as well, including karst systems, and taught courses in statistics and data visualization, multiple areas of biology and ecology, and marine ecology field courses in the Bahamas and Belize.

Ouida has returned full-time to a deep fondness for coral reef work at the University of Hawaii, where she is serving as Program Manager for CRESCYNT: Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure Network, an EarthCube Research Coordination Network. Coral reef research is a particularly interesting use case for creating large-scale interoperability and cyberinfrastructure improvements because of its multidisciplinary breadth and its deep range of scales of space and time. Some challenges can only be met by having robust ontologies in place, so in addition to a general interest in ontological structure, visualization, and reconciliation, plus an interest in accelerating exchange and permeability between science and technology, Ouida’s current efforts regarding ontologies are need-driven.


CRESCYNT website:

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Recent/upcoming presentations:

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Relevant publications:

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