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Due Dates     (1A)

Preliminary Proposal Requirements     (1B)

  • Preliminary proposals are required and must be submitted via the NSF FastLane system, even if full proposals will be submitted via     (1B1)
  • Submission of a preliminary proposal is required for eligibility to submit a full proposal. Preliminary proposals must be received as a single submission with one organization serving as the lead and all others as subawardees. Linked preliminary proposals submitted using the collaborative mechanism of FastLane will be returned without review. While the lead institution submitting the preliminary proposal must be a U.S. academic institution or U.S. non-profit, non-academic organization, subawardees may be any entity eligible under the provisions of the NSF GPG.     (1B2)
    • The tentative plan is for Ken Baclawski to be the PI and Northeastern University to be the lead institution with other individuals having one of the following roles:     (1B2A)
      • Subawardee. See the NSF GPG for eligibility requirements. Note that there must be other subawardees because the proposal must be multi-institutional.     (1B2A1)
      • Consultant. This is a paid position, but the individual's institution is not a subawardee.     (1B2A2)
      • Advisor. This is not paid. The details of what this involves would be developed during the proposal writing phase.     (1B2A3)
  • Preliminary proposals must be submitted via FastLane and must include the following:     (1B3)
    • Information About Principal Investigators/Project Directors and Co-Principal Investigators/Co-Project Directors. Use standard GPG guidelines     (1B3A)
    • FastLane Cover Sheet: Select this program solicitation number from the pull down list. Check the box for preliminary proposal. Entries on the FastLane cover sheet are limited to the principal investigator/project director and a maximum of 4 co-principal investigators/project directors. All other senior project participants should be listed on the project summary page and entered into FastLane as Senior Personnel (this latter provision allows their biographical sketches to be included in the FastLane proposal).     (1B3B)
    • Title - The title of the proposal must begin with "DataNet Preliminary Proposal:" DataNet Preliminary Proposal: Open Ontology Repository for Biology,     (1B3C)

Biodiversity, Environmental, Climatic, and Cultural Research Communities     (1B4)

    • Project Summary (1 page) - The summary must consist of 3 parts: (1) At the top of this page, indicate the title of the project, the name of the PI and the lead organization, and list Co-PIs and Senior Personnel with institutional affiliation; (2) Provide a succinct summary of the intellectual merit including the vision and rationale for the DataNet Partner, the array of data types and primary topical/disciplinary areas to be served by the Partner, and an overview of plans for providing reliable, long-term preservation and access amid continuing technology change, achieving technical and economic sustainability, and providing for enhanced information integration capabilities; and (3) describe the broader impacts of the proposed work, including any exceptional opportunities for progress in research and education that may arise from the planned structure, composition, and/or organization of the proposed Partner, the educational and training activities, and plans for achieving a diverse organization serving a wide variety of users and communities.     (1B5B)
    • Project Description - The project description is limited to a total of 7 pages and must address the following:     (1B5C)
      • Vision and rationale: Describe the over-arching vision for the DataNet Partner, including the nature of the needs and opportunities to be met and the expected impact. Provide an overview of the strategy for achieving long term economic and technological sustainability.     (1B5C1)
      • Activities: Provide an outline of the proposed activities of the Partner in managing the full data life cycle and enabling discovery, innovation, and learning with participation across a diversity of sectors.     (1B5C2)
      • Structure: Provide an overview of the structure of the proposed DataNet Partner, indicating which sectors will be actively involved, the nature of the expected user base, the anticipated diversity of participants and users, and the range of expertise and infrastructure to be included.     (1B5C3)
    • References Cited: Indicate with an asterisk any cited publications resulting from prior research funded by NSF for the PI or Co-PIs when following the GPG guidelines for all references cited.     (1B5D)
    • Biographical Sketches - Provide biographical sketches for the PI, Co-PIs, and other Senior Personnel listed on the Project Summary page.     (1B5E)
    • Current and Pending Support: Provide this information for the PI, Co-PIs, and other Senior Personnel listed on the Project Summary page. Address any potential overlap between the federally funded projects that are listed and the proposed DataNet activities.     (1B5F)
    • Budget: No budget is required. However, please enter $2 in the Requested Amount box on the FastLane Cover Sheet (this entry allows correct FastLane processing).     (1B5G)
    • Special Information and Supplementary Documentation: The following additional information is required in addition to that allowed under the provisions of the GPG:     (1B5H)
      • Key Personnel: Provide a list of key leadership personnel (maximum 3 pages), with a brief description of what each person uniquely brings to the DataNet Partner.     (1B5H1)
    • Single Copy Documents: The following additional information is required in addition to that included within the provisions of the Grant Proposal Guide:     (1B5I)
      • Integrated conflicts of interests list: Provide a list, in a single alphabetized table, of the full names and institutional affiliations of all people with conflicts of interest for the PI, Co-PIs, Senior Personnel and any named personnel for whom support is anticipated to be included in a full proposal budget. The table should specify the nature of the conflict including: (1) PhD thesis advisors or advisees; (2) collaborator or co-authors, including postdocs, for the past 48 months; and (3) any other individuals or institutions with which the PI or Co-PIs have financial ties, including advisory committees.     (1B5I1)
      • In addition to the Conflict of Interest List, other correspondence to the program not intended to be sent to reviewers, such as a list of potential reviewers, can be sent through the Single Copy Documents section of FastLane. Please note that key project personnel may be required, prior to an award, to submit copies of any intellectual property agreements or material transfer agreements they have signed, or are planning to sign, that would have an impact on the unrestricted and timely distribution of the outcomes of NSF funded research. Submission of a Single Copy Document will allow these materials to be reviewed by NSF officials only, and they will remain confidential.     (1B5I2)

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