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Ontology Summit 2020 Current State Working Group     (1)
  • In the proposed Organization listed below, the attempt will be to identify current state (Applications, Techniques, Use cases, etc.) as listed for various speakers and emphasis will also be on current use and definitions such as What is a KG? ....     (1D)

Proposed Organization     (1E)

  • Tools and Techniques     (1E1)
    • Anirudh Prabhu → Visualization     (1E1A)
    • Sarguir Srihari → Probabilistic knowledge graphs     (1E1B)
    • Spencer Breiner → Category theory as a representation mechanisms     (1E1C)
    • Krzystof Janowicz → OPen graph-based linking and semantic enrichment technologies.     (1E1D)
    • Vinay Chaudhri → Textbook OKN     (1E1E)
    • Michael Uschold → Database Integration     (1E1F)
    • Paco Nathan → Given dataset, find out who has worked on data before, what methods/code were uses, and what results were produced.     (1E1G)
    • Ernest Davis → Representation of time and space.     (1E1H)

Sources     (1F)

    • 26 February 2020 Anirudh Prabhu Insights from Knowledge Graphs Slides     (1F1A)
    • 04 March 2020 Paco Nathan Rich Context: Rich Search and Discovery for Scholarly Databases Slides     (1F1B)
    • 11 March 2020 Hari Srihari Probabilistic Knowledge Graphs Slides     (1F1C)
    • 18 March 2020 Spencer Breiner Composing knowledge graphs: inside and out Slides     (1F1D)
    • 29 April 2020 Krzysztof Janowicz KnowWhereGraph: Enriching and Linking Cross-Domain Knowledge Graphs using Spatially-Explicit AI Technologies to Address Pressing Challenges at the Human-Environment Nexus Slides     (1F1E)
  • Use Cases     (1F2)
    • 8 April 2020 Binil Starly Building an Open Knowledge Network (OKN) Graph in Product Design and Manufacturing Slides     (1F2A)
    • 15 April 2020 Michael Uschold Knowledge Graphs in Industry: Examples and Lessons Learned Slides     (1F2B)
    • 22 April 2020 Sean Gordon Prototyping an Open Knowledge Network for Spatial Decision Support Slides     (1F2C)
    • 27 May 2020 Yolanda Gil Seven Ontologies for Publishing the Scientific Record on the Web Slides     (1F2D)