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Ontology Summit 2014 Website Development     (1)

This is the Ontology Summit 2014 Website Team workspace ...     (1A)

Website Co-champions: Dr. Marcela Vegetti     (1B)

Mission     (1D)

This team aim is to deploy a public-facing and visually simplified Ontology Summit 2014 website that will provide access to:     (1D1)

Plans & Deliverables     (1E)

  • Before publish the website:     (1E1)
    • Decide structure and style ("look and feel") of the site. Alternatives:     (1E1A)
      • Reuse last year website adding calendar, links to social media, sponsors page and some minor style changes (quicker development)     (1E1A1)
      • Maintain structure and change style completely: new colors, fonts and page layout.     (1E1A2)
      • Create a new structure and style     (1E1A3)
    • Develop website pages [activities here should be updated according to the selected alternative in previous task]     (1E1B)
    • Publish website     (1E1C)

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