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OntologySummit2014 Co-Sponsors support the summit in a variety of ways, including provision of:     (1)

  • Infrastructure, logistical support, and technical support for online events and forums     (2)
  • Venue and logistical support for face-to-face Symposium     (3)
  • Other Technical & Logistical support (special projects, community resources)     (4)
  • Awards & Prizes (especially hackathon, but perhaps other?)     (5)
  • Symposium goodies such as coffee breaks, breakfasts, lunches, etc.     (6)
  • Staff time for Summit participation and contribution     (7)
  • Staff time for participation in the Ontology Summit Organizing Committee     (8)
  • Mission endorsement     (9)
  • Other, unique support needs and opportunities that arise     (10)

Sponsoring the Ontology Summit benefits Sponsoring organizations in a number of ways:     (11)

  • Visibility:     (12)
    • Acknowledgement on the Ontology Summit 2014 Website (all sponsors)     (12A)
    • Announcement of sponsorship via email and social media (individually for material sponsors, as a group for mission endorsement sponsors (due to quantity))     (12B)
    • Inclusion in shared, subscribable Summit Sponsors Feed on Twitter and Summit Sponsors Circle on Google + (all sponsors)     (12C)
    • Additional, heightened visibility during sponsored events, via mention, acknowledgements and, where appropriate, information placement (such as Logo/info sheet/cards placement with sponsored meals or coffee breaks) (sponsors of hackathon or other awards and prizes, sponsors of symposium goodies)     (12D)
  • Opportunities for increased familiarity with individuals and organizations, thought and practice leaders in the domains of the Summit theme     (13)
  • Furthering of organizational goals, which may include some or all of the Summit's annual goals and/or advancement of state of the art of applied ontology generally     (14)

Interested in becoming a sponsor for OntologySummit2014? Contact amanda<dot>vizedom<at>gmail<dot>com.     (15)

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