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Ontology Summit 2013 Website Development     (1)

This is the Ontology Summit 2013 Website Team workspace ...     (1A)

Website Co-champions: Dr. Marcela Vegetti & Mr. AliHashemi     (1B)

Mission     (1D)

This Ontology Summit 2013 website team to deploy an Ontology Summit 2013 website that on the OntologPSMW that will support:     (1D1)

  • Organize the Ontology 2013 Summit content in a way that encourages and facilitates access to and (re)use of the material     (1D2)
  • Use of some subset of the ICOM[4] vocabulary to annotate the content that is produced on the Ontology Summit 2013 Website     (1D3)
  • Use of these annotations to provide / enable new functionality / views in terms of accessing / querying resources, events, people that are hosted on the website     (1D4)
  • Develop and deploy forms to Development and deployment of constructs (e.g. forms and templates) to capture some of the material being uploaded according to said vocabulary, or to present content of the site.     (1D5)

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