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Ontology Summit 2013 Communique - Comments & Suggestions     (1)

We invite further comments, suggestions and encourage a continued dialog around the "Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle" theme of Ontology Summit 2013, and in particular, evolving around that which is covered in the communique.     (1A)

Please provide your suggestions for future Ontology Summits below: (kindly keep each entry to one short bulleted paragraph; be concise and stay within 50 words if you can. Feel free to link to support material. Please date your entries and identify yourself for follow-up purposes)     (1B)

Further Comments and Suggestions on the Communique ...     (1C)

Further Comments and Suggestions on the 2013 Summit Topic ...     (1D)

Suggestions on Ontology Evaluation Follow-up Events and Actions ...     (1E)

... Suggestions for future Summits can be posted here.     (1E2)

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