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Ontology Summit 2010: Present "Quality" - Synthesis of the Discussion     (1)

This is the workspace for the co-champions to synthesize the discussion on this track.     (1A)

Track Label: Quality - Subtrack Label: Present     (1B)

Mission: The track mission is to survey the existing forms of quality assurance (e.g., accreditation, certification, and licensure) for programs, courses, and professionals.     (1B2)

Pertinent questions     (1B3)

  • By what bodies, if any, are the programmes identified as having substantial ontological content currently accredited?     (1B3A)
  • By what bodies, if any, are ontology professionals currently certified?     (1B3B)
  • What other forms of quality assurance exist that may be relevant to the track mission?     (1B3C)

Synthesis     (1C)

(... coming!)     (1C1)

This page is maintained by Arturo Sanchez and Antony Galton     (1C2)

Please do not edit or modify it yourself; send any editing request to any one of the individuals named above.     (1C3)

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