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Ontology Summit 2010: Future "Developments" - community input     (1)

This is the workspace for community input to the focused discussion outlined below ...     (1A)

Track Label: Requirements - Subtrack Label: Future Developments     (1B)

Mission: to develop an outlook on the "Future of Ontologists." we will try to gain insight from the perspectives of:     (1B2)

  • the market - potential employer of the ontologist;     (1B3)
  • the educator - the ontology training / education provider; and     (1B4)
  • the individual - the ontologist (or ontologist-to-be)     (1B5)

Pertinent questions     (1B6)

  • What major "Development(s)" (please express in one statement) do you foresee happening to the domain of Ontology or to the Ontologist profession in:     (1B6A)
  • What do you see as important trends that are beginning to emerge (w.r.t. the above time horizon)?     (1B6B)
  • How many "ontologists" (or professionals with an "ontology education") will the world need (in the above time horizon)?     (1B6C)
  • When do you think we will start having "ontology departments" in (a) universities and (b) enterprises?     (1B6D)
  • What needs to happen between now and the day when we will have "ontology departments" in unversities and enterprises?     (1B6E)

Collected input from the community     (1C)

Further Discussion     (1D)

(Please insert your remarks below. Kindly identify yourself and date you input.)     (1D1)

  • This is a test. (-PeterYim / 2009.12.16-09:38 PST)     (1D2)

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