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Ontology Summit 2010: Future "Content" - community input     (1)

This is the workspace for community input to the focused discussion outlined below ...     (1A)

Track Label: Content - Subtrack Label: Future     (1B)

Mission: To provide a course or courses of content required for both professional and academic ontologist training.     (1B2)

  • We will initially focus on a breadth-first description     (1B3)
  • We are intent on identifying modules of knowledge/courses that are focused on competencies expected for ontologist education     (1B4)
    • That could be addressed at different levels of certification/accreditation, with some optional and some required at each level     (1B4A)
    • Example levels: associate degree (undergraduate 2 years), undergraduate degree (undergraduate 4 years), terminal professional master's degree (graduate), pre-PhD master's degree (graduate), professional non-academic certification     (1B4B)

Pertinent questions     (1B5)

  • What are the content topics (knowledge and skills), i.e., the competencies, necessary for training and educating an ontologist?     (1B5A)
  • What does an ontologist need to learn and in what order?     (1B5B)
  • What are the content topics useful or optionally desired for training and educating an ontologist?     (1B5C)
  • Is there a spectrum of ontologist positions (e.g., from taxonomist to developer of logical theories) and if so, what is the content and competencies required for each?     (1B5D)

Discussion     (1C)

(Please insert your remarks below. Kindly identify yourself and date you input.)     (1C1)

  • This is a test. (-PeterYim / 2009.12.16-07:49 PST)     (1C2)

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