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OntologySummit2008: Organizing Committee Conference Call - Thursday 07-Apr-2008     (1)

Attendees     (1D)

Agenda Ideas     (1E)

  • postmortem on the 2/28, 3/27 & 4/3 OOR-Panel sessions and review preparation status for the upcoming one on 4/10     (1E1)
  • status review and action plans for the online discourse     (1E2)
  • status review on the F2F-workshop planning and preparation - review agenda     (1E3)
  • draft communique preparation status     (1E4)
  • status review on how we are getting the word out     (1E5)
... (please post your agenda ideas here; identify yourself for follow-up purposes)     (1E6)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1G)

1. Meeting called to order:     (1G1)

  • note that we have a hard stop at 1:30pm PDT / 4:30pm EDT as the Content Committee will be having their weekly call then. Which mean we have to finish this call in 1 hour or less.     (1G5)

2. Roll Call:     (1G6)

3. Status / Discussion of developing issues:     (1G8)

  • Outstanding Issue Update: (from last call)     (1G9)
    • submit last year's communique to Applied Ontologies Journal [attn: Steve] - Steve contacted Michael Grüninger who will be working on it     (1G9A)
    • Leo and Steve will try to provide input by last Tue, suggest we give Michael a go ahead even if there is no input.     (1G9B)
  • postmortem on the 2/28, 3/27 & 4/3 OOR-Panel sessions and review preparation status for the 2 upcoming one on 4/10     (1G11)
    • see: ConferenceCall_2008_02_28 .. ConferenceCall_2008_03_27 .. ConferenceCall_2008_04_03     (1G11A)
      • unfortunately, the voice and shared-screen quality on the 4/3 session were less than ideal, but the great content and collaborative spirit more than made up for it. The recording (after post-processing) is quite intelligible.     (1G11A1)
    • coming session - see: ConferenceCall_2008_04_10     (1G11B)
  • status review of the online discourse     (1G12)
    • refer to content committee call proceedings     (1G12A)
    • Barry: for [quality-and-gatekeeping] comments are reaching an asymptote; and most are in favor of fairly strict syntactic gatekeeping.     (1G12B)
  • Registration deadlines!     (1G14)
    • Steve: hotel (reduced rate rooms) cut-off Sun 2008.04.13; NIST pre-registration closes on Mon 2008.04.21     (1G14A)

5. New Issues:     (1G17)

6. Any Other Business:     (1G18)

7. Action items:     (1G19)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:     (1G20)

notes taken by: Peter P. Yim / 2008.04.07-1:18pm PDT     (1G24)

All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.     (1G25)

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