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Analysis Team: Ken Baclawski (lead), Doug Holmes, PeterYim     (1A)

The preliminary analysis (work-in-progress) includes a number of reports displaying the responses.     (1B)

Communities     (1C)

  • Community memberships were very diverse. All 15 communities listed in the survey had at least six members, and 19 other communities were added by respondents.     (1C1)
  • Surprisingly, neither the Semantic Web nor the Formal ontology communities had the largest membership, although both were in the top 5. However the sample is too small for this to be a significant effect.     (1C2)
  • Community representatives were also very diverse, with 24 communities having at least one representative, although many of them have significant overlap with others.     (1C3)
  • The best represented communities were:     (1C4)
  • Surprisingly, the Semantic Web was not in the top 5 in the list of represented communities. Again the sample is too small for this to be a significant effect.     (1C5)

Ontology: Value & Issues, as well as Problems & Solutions     (1D)

The answers to the four questions in part 3 (Value & Issues, as well as Problems & Solutions for Ontologies) were arranged by the community being represented. While many issues are common to all communities, some communities have community-specific issues.     (1D1)

Glossary     (1E)

The survey responses included nearly 100 terms of various kinds. The following statistics were computed for an earlier version of the analysis so they are no longer accurate, but they are still approximately correct:     (1E1)

Ontology Artifacts     (1F)

The survey responses included over 100 ontologies. Some duplication has not yet been eliminated.     (1F1)

This page is maintained by: Ken Baclawski     (1F6)

Please forward any modifications and updates to the content above, along with the change justification, to him for posting.     (1F7)

Please post any comments about the content of this page at the bottom of the page.     (1F8)

Comment Section     (1G)

  • Question: in your "Terms synonymous or similar to 'ontology'" does the column 'Evaluation' reflect data collected under the survey question "[[CalledAnOntology]]. On a scale of 1 to 5, (where 1 means totally unlikely and 5 means almost always), would the above term or artifact be referred to as an "ontology" in your community?"     (1G1)
    • if so, maybe using the column label "[[CalledAnOntology]]" may still be appropriate, as it is related to context as well (e.g. a formal ontologist may not refer to a tag cloud as an "ontology", but maybe, a third of the web 2.0 crowd might.) (--from Peter P. Yim / 2007.04.11-13:43 PDT)     (1G1A)

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