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The Dao of Ontology     (2)

Peter P. Yim alluded to this during the 2007.03.15 Ontolog call (promising that he'll make a post on this if he still has some time to spare after getting other summit chores off his back):     (2A)

Peter: proposing a yin-yang perspective (the dualities or dichotomies) of the various aspects of 'ontologies and its appplications' we are seeing today        (2B)

  • Remarks:     (2C)
    • some uses "Tao" where "Dao is used above - it's actually the same word in Chinese     (2C1)
    • "Ontology" is the topics refers to the sense of the term in computer science, artificial intelligence and semantic web. (The topic, when used on the term in the metaphysics sense will be way over my head! --ppy/2007.03.20)     (2C2)

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