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Ontology Summit 2007 Follow-up Activities

This page is created to help capture follow-up activities (projects and tasks) resulting from OntologySummit2007.

  • Michael Grüninger will lead the authorship of a paper, reporting on the Proceedings, the Communique, and other aspects of the Summit, that will be submitted to the "Applied Ontology" journal for publication.   
  • Tom Gruber initialized a community effort to distinguishing properties of ontologies as we know them in his post and the creation of the OntologyDistinctions page on this wiki   
    • Tom will champion the consolidation of our community's contributions, and will push that to wikipedia, so it may reach a even broader audience.   
  • Ken Baclawski will head up an effort to 'populate' the 'framework' with artifacts contributed by the various constituencies during the survey. He will be soliciting and coordinating additional contribution from the community - in terms of providing and populating the framework with exemplary artifacts, and in validating the measures and evaluation of the population exercises.   
  • Strong suggestions that there is a need for ongoing research and development work to further refine the 'framework' and its associated metric, to culminate in an academic/research paper (originally brought up by OlivierBodenreider).   
  • Susan Turnbull featured the "community process" of this Summit on the Tue 2007.07.17 Collaborative Expedition Workshop (CEW#63 to be held at NSF, Arlington, VA, USA) as part of her exposition into the process, dynamics, potential and realities of a few of the exemplary virtual communities during that one-day workshop.   
  • ref: discussion at the community member ConferenceCall_2007_06_07