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Input to the 2004-01-08 Planning Session by PeterYim     (1)

Task: Draft at least two goals (projects, to do items) & 2 measurable objectives (deliverables) for each goal Time: 7 minutes to work independently & 3 minutes to review     (1C)

        • Be the foremost international open forum on Business Domain ontology -- attracting, retaining, [and invigorating] the best minds in this field as members of the community     (1D1A1)
        • be running major projects in collaboration with other organizations in the business ontology domain     (1D1A2)

(ran out of time) ... moving on     (1F)

    • also, we should have started with core components, not documents (like purchase order or invoice)     (1J1)
  • 3 issues under [Gap Analysis] - description, resolution strategy & 2 measurable objectives each: (session: 2004.02.05)     (1K)
    • (1) Lack of solid project plan -- as a project, maybe because this is a distributed ad hoc working group, we still lack the very basic organization and project life-cycle planning and management processes that ordinary projects of this sort would have started out with.     (1L1)
      • Strategies --     (1L1A)
        • what we are doing now (OntologPlanning 2004) is good, let's keep that up, and get more people involved     (1L1A1)
        • appoint project managers and start to manage the UblOntology project like a "real" project, with regular and structured meetings (virtual or f2f), deliverables and deadlines.     (1L1A2)
        • alloting one weekly session per month to do planning (as we are doing now) is great!     (1L1A3)
        • before doing that, I think we need to get some sponsorship or funding, so that core people can make this part of their "job" and a priority to get things done on time.     (1L1A4)
    • (2) Not properly trained to implement the methodology which has been adopted -- participating members should all be brought up to speed on the basics of formalizing a concept (say, something in UBL) and representing that in SUO-KIF.     (1M1)