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OOR Team Meeting - Thu 2014.07.29

Topic: Regular Meeting of the OOR Team

Session Chairs: MichaelGruninger, Ken Baclawski

Conference Call Details

  • Date: Thursday, 29-Jul-2014
  • Start 7:00am PDT / 10:00am EDT / 4:00pm CEST / 3:00pm BST / 14:00 UTC
  • Expected Call Duration: ~1.0 hour
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  • Please note that this session may be recorded, and if so, the audio archive is expected to be made available as open content, along with the proceedings of the call to our community membership and the public at-large under our prevailing open IPR policy.


As the ONTOLOG Community moves to the next phase, the OOR Team will also be moving to its next phase.

Agenda & Proceedings


  • Should the IAOA Ontology Registries and Repositories TC formally take over the OOR?
    • What will be the relationship between the two? Should they just be merged, or should OOR continue to have an existence within the TC?
  • What will happen to the OOR instances?
  • How should be hosted?
  • Schedule of future meetings
  • AOB


(to be written after the meeting)


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