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Melissa Haendel     (1)

Melissa Haendel, PhD     (1A)

Assistant Professor,     (1B)

Ontology Development Group, OHSU Library     (1C)

Department of Medical Informatics and Epidemiology     (1D)

Oregon Health & Science University     (1E)

Portland, Oregon, USA.     (1F)

email: haendel [at]     (1G)

Dr. Haendel is an Assistant Professor at Oregon Health & Science University Library. She has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, where she studied early cell and molecular development in mouse, chick, and zebrafish. Her team works on projects that leverage ontologies for translational research, including linking human diseases to model organism data, identification and linking of research resources to publications and people, and improving queries in specimen repositories. Her interest is in using ontologies as a nexus for linking and querying across many types of data - genomic, biomedical, evolutionary, and research profiling.     (1H)

... Melissa, at your convenience, please edit and keep it updated so the community can get to know you better. Welcome! ... (read this if it's your first time editing the Ontolog wiki.) =ppy     (1I)

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