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Lawrence P. Coladangelo    (1)

L.P. is a graduate of Kent State University, having earned his Master of Library and Information Science degree in May 2020. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College in 2004. His wide-ranging research interests include areas of information science (knowledge organization, knowledge representation, metadata, data modeling, and digital humanities), as well as traditional humanities inquiry (folk traditions, literature, narrative theory, cultural transmission, and semiotics). He specializes in the ontological modeling of folklore, movement-based heritage, and performing arts and the use of semantic technologies and linked data to trace the lineage of digital cultural heritage.     (1A)

Master's Thesis: "Ontology and Domain Knowledge Base Construction for Contra Dance as an Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Case Study in Knowledge Organization of American Folk Dance" Bachelor's Thesis: "Fictional 'Histories' — The Imagined Past: A Study of Postmodern Fiction and Its Narrative Engagement with Ideas of History"     (1B)