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Ken Allgood

Deloitte / SemantixLab

Washington DC Metro, USA.


Fueled by a passion for "making information Discoverable, Contextually Meaningful, and Available for all", over the past 18+ years Ken Allgood has led the design and implementation of Enterprise SOA capabilities, Knowledge Management solutions, Enterprise Portals, Learning Management Systems, and custom Collaboration Environments for Federal organizations and Commercial firms internationally. His unique skillset bridges legacy and service-oriented solutions, and provides a critical focus upon the information and business needs of the organization and end user. Currently, Ken is leading the joint DoD/VA Integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) Information and Terminology modeling teams for the DoD, ensuring that all health information, regardless of domain, remains syntactically and semantically computable, interoperable, and understandable by both human and machine for 70 years and beyond.

Ken is an active member of the Cognitive Science Society, TED (where he was pleased to teach a group of "TEDsters" how to make the perfect martini), the Association for Computing Machinery, the International Council on Systems Engineering, and the American Society for Information Science and Technology.