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Number 49
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time December 4 2017 18:30 GMT
10:30 PST/1:30pm EST
6:30pm GMT/7:30pm CET
Convener MikeBennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG     (2)

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.     (3)


Agenda     (5)

Proceedings     (6)

[13:38] MikeBennett: What would be the intent of attending a given conference?     (6A)

[13:40] MikeBennett: Does it make sense to target FOIS / IAOA activities?     (6B)

[13:40] MikeBennett: Initial reaction last week was not - however we could always promote such and bring SW people into it.     (6C)

[13:41] MikeBennett: More relevantly, we want to target SemWeb stuff.     (6D)

[13:41] MikeBennett: Pascal's conference at Wright State in March.     (6E)

[13:42] AndreaWesterinen:     (6F)

[13:44] MikeBennett: At this stage, while we are planning the program, we would like to hear from the community about ideas, topics to include, additional groups to reach out to. Please send your thoughts to pascal.hitzler(at)     (6G)

[13:54] MikeBennett: What would we propose for the US2TS sessions?     (6H)

[13:55] MikeBennett: Todd: in that list we aren't seeing a lot from people who do more domain focused ontologies, which tend to have e.g. social constructs.     (6I)

[13:55] MikeBennett: So we can focus something on domain ontologies.     (6J)

[13:56] MikeBennett: Terms versus entailments from using those terms - in the context of a given domain and its social aspects.     (6K)

[13:56] MikeBennett: Comment: the line-up seems to encompass much of the applied computer science community.     (6L)

[13:59] MikeBennett: Action: Suggest a few topics to Pascal and see what is of interest.     (6M)

[13:59] MikeBennett: No need to read the runes about what is already there.     (6N)

[14:00] MikeBennett: See also issues with funding of OOR based on it being excellent but the wrong thing for them to fund.     (6O)

[14:00] MikeBennett: This was some years ago.     (6P)

[14:01] MikeBennett: Did not want to fund infrastructure but projects toward a particular end.     (6Q)

[14:01] MikeBennett: Most funding is earmarked for something specific, so hard to find funding for ideas too new for someone to have thought about funding for it.     (6R)

[14:02] MikeBennett: Next meeting 8 Jauary     (6S)

[14:06] MikeBennett: Action: MB to mail Pascale on the above basis.     (6T)

[14:09] MikeBennett: EDS - Dataversity (non academic)     (6U)

[14:14] MikeBennett: Where will the spreadsheet be?     (6V)

[14:14] MikeBennett: MB will upload this to there when it has been updared for 2018 conferences.     (6X)

[14:14] MikeBennett: Anyone in SWAo or Shed or elsewhere can add events to this as we go along.     (6Y)

[14:15] MikeBennett: In terms of events for reaching out to the SemWeb community, as well as Pascal's thing the main ones are SMARTData and ISWC. Also EDW is a possible.     (6Z)

[14:26] MikeBennett: POssib le useful guide for filling out the Events spreadsheet:     (6AA)

[14:27] MikeBennett: Workshop for ISWC??     (6AB)

[14:33] MikeBennett: Conferences called Semantics (2017)     (6AE)

[14:34] KenBaclawski: - International Conference on Biomedical Ontology     (6AF)

[14:42] MikeBennett: Someone to reach out to:     (6AI)

[14:43] MikeBennett: Action: MB to update the spreadsheet, post to the Public space on Semantic Shed, and then post the link here.     (6AJ)

[14:48] MikeBennett: AoB?     (6AK)

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