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David Tinsley    (1)

David Tinsley is the Systems Analyst for Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, where he manages and presents all information about the organization through SQL based reporting. His background includes military transportation, restaurant operations, sales, and business analysis. His undergraduate degree is in Marketing/Business Administration, and his Master's degrees are an MBA and a Master's of Health and Human Performance, with an emphasis on Hospital Administration. His interest in Ontology comes from his strong motivation to run businesses based on real information, and to understand all of the influences that drive trending. Primarily, he is interested in following actual correlations between multiple occurrences, that would otherwise not be considered when explaining why an outcome occurred. He believes that routine healthcare should be provided by a self-managed system that is able to act as a basic practitioner and preventative care advisor. His envisioned system would learn from every patient, and add to the body of medical knowledge with every interaction. He believes that with the use of ontology, science could be altered to take laboratory work to new levels, once elements and components are truly defined. His expectation is that, Ontology, or some form of it, will be the future of information processing, and will one day be as common as the modern cell phone.     (1A)