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Cyrus Radfar    (1)

Cyrus B. Radfar is a serial entrepreneur and technical product leader based in San Francisco. He's the founding partner at, V1. Worldwide, an innovation incubator that launches new ventures in partnership with investors and enterprises. Prior to V1. Mr. Radfar cemented a founding role at two companies, including, AddThis which sold to Oracle in 2015 to bolster their marketing data platform. He studied Computer Science and Psychology and Georgia Tech.     (1A)

Mr. Radfar is a technologist and has focused on using leveraging data to provide insights to customers and systems so they can make better decisions.     (1B)

He has long been interested in data modeling and ontologies, starting with AddThis in 2004 where their initial focus before building the content sharing standard was on building semantically-rooted interoperable micro-applications dubbed Web Widgets.     (1C)

Other private context:     (1D)

I'm actively working with my team and exploring a new product that, ideally, will make it easier to search and join disparate data sets. At the core, we believe, a lot of the solution lies in the hard work of Ontologists and Wikipedians. I'm doing my best to get deeper to understand the community as it stands, the tools, the short-comings and successes.     (1E)