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Duration 1 hour
Date/Time February 08 2017 17:30 GMT
9:30 PST/12:30 EST
6:30pm CET
Convener KenBaclawski


Ontology Summit 2017 Organizing Committee Meeting     (2)

Topic: Organization for OntologySummit2017     (2C)

Conference Call Details     (3)

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Attendees     (4)

Agenda     (5)

1. Reports on speaker recruitment for the various sessions     (5A)

3. Next Meeting     (5C)

Proceedings     (6)

[12:33] ToddSchneider: Donna, will you join the web meeting?     (6A)

[12:33] Donna Fritzsche1: I am there now     (6B)

[12:35] KenBaclawski: Track co-champions: Track A Gary Berg-Cross, Track B Mike Bennett and Andrea Westerinen, Track C Donna Fritzsche and Ram Sriram     (6C)

[12:36] Ram D. Sriram: I will be a passive listener as I am in the AAAI conference and lots to background noise here     (6D)

[12:47] MarkUnderwood: sounds like I'm not missing anything at AAAI, Ram     (6E)

[13:01] MarkUnderwood: the only avowed / official ontology work at Google I know of is How they link that to ML for Google Search might be a worthwhile topic, though I have no contacts here     (6F)

[13:01] MarkUnderwood: *there     (6G)

[13:03] Donna Fritzsche1: hard to hear     (6H)

[13:11] Donna Fritzsche1: use cases (and constraints placed on them by external drivers) features that drive acceptance by consuming communities     (6I)

[13:12] ToddSchneider: add risk.     (6J)

[13:13] Ram D. Sriram: @Mark: I think Knowledge Graph is the new term for good old semantic networks. Let me check with my contact at Google if anyone is willing to speak on Ontology related work (Google generally does not want to speak on things which are not public)     (6K)

[13:13] Donna Fritzsche1: domain of use: medical, nuclear/utilities, ecommerce, finance     (6L)

[13:13] Ram D. Sriram: What about asking Mark Musen to find out how the BioPortal is used for reasoning     (6M)

[13:13] Donna Fritzsche1: different use case have different degrees of acceptance - what are the parameters for acceptance? ability to explain the decions     (6N)

[13:13] Donna Fritzsche1: decision     (6O)

[13:13] MarkUnderwood: The smart building initiative adopted an ontology ISO 16739 / maybe someone is using ML in conjunction. If interested I could try to find a contact.     (6P)

[13:14] Donna Fritzsche1: good idea mark     (6Q)

[13:14] Donna Fritzsche1: @Mark - also reasoning if no ML     (6R)

[13:14] MarkUnderwood: @Ram good idea. is public obviously, and has big uptake for internet marketing (they are mostly unaware that there is an ontology)     (6S)

[13:15] KenBaclawski: @Ram I sent email to Mark Musen some time ago, but have not gotten a response so far.     (6T)

[13:18] MarkUnderwood: #ontologysummit is what I've been using for some "keepalive" tweets     (6U)

[13:18] Donna Fritzsche1: acceptance criteria (wording thought)     (6V)

[13:18] Ram D. Sriram: @Ken: I can send Mark email, if you want me to.     (6W)

[13:19] KenBaclawski: @Ram: Yes, please sent Mark email.     (6X)

[13:21] Ram D. Sriram: @Ken: Will do so later today     (6Y)

[13:21] ToddSchneider: Have to go.     (6Z)