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Session Planning
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time August 28 2019 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CEST
Convener Ken Baclawski


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[12:11] David Eddy: that link to an article posted to Ontolog Forum email list     (2D2)

[12:25] ToddSchneider: Kenneth provided his book report on 'Exploiting Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs ion Large Organizations'     (2D3)

[12:25] RaviSharma: Ken described a collection of papers on knowledge graph (pre publication) that tries to define Knowledge Graphs - editors Jeff Z Pan et al.     (2D4)

[12:27] ToddSchneider:     (2D5)

[12:31] RaviSharma: Todd - DOD towards model based engineering?     (2D6)

[12:32] ToddSchneider: Ravi, yes.     (2D7)

[12:33] David Eddy: Murphy & Yates "Engineering Rules"... history of standards setting efforts since late 1800s.     (2D8)

[12:39] RaviSharma: Ken - an overview limited to one type (namely RDF and OWL) in this book (review) and it can be a reference, for our topic, articles are high level, medical or healthcare use cases etc.     (2D9)

[12:41] RaviSharma: Jans Aasman next week     (2D10)

[12:41] RaviSharma: Todd I have same as of June     (2D11)

[12:42] RaviSharma: John Sept 11,     (2D12)

[12:44] David Eddy: neither is English a strong point for most native English speakers.     (2D13)

[12:45] David Eddy: Todd... which makes my core point... everyone comes to the table with different life experiences & difference (mental) dictionaries.     (2D14)

[12:45] ToddSchneider: the state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed     (2D15)

[12:47] RaviSharma: Thanks Gary     (2D17)

[12:48] Gary: Jeff Pan initial def of KG - A knowledge graph is a set of interconnected typed entities and their attributes.     (2D18)

[12:54] David Eddy: Do understand there are some 73 degree granting institutions in Boston area.     (2D19)

[12:57] RaviSharma1: Gary - So we keep discussing and documenting the definition of Knowledge Graphs by different speakers     (2D20)

[12:58] RaviSharma1: where else can we advertise?     (2D21)

[13:00] RaviSharma1: Ram - Washington Academy, Todd IAOA,     (2D22)

[13:10] RaviSharma1: Ram - Guha     (2D23)

[13:11] Gary: NSF contacts:     (2D26)

[13:13] RaviSharma: Ram and Gary - we need more participants as well from these forums     (2D32)

[13:13] Ken Baclawski: I will try to contact Amit Sheth. Other possible speakers at the introductory series: Guha, Yolanda Gil     (2D33)

[13:13] Gary: Presentations from the OKN meeting at NIH     (2D34)

  • Building a Knowledge Graph for Earth Science, Rahul Ramachandran, Jia Zhang, Tsengdar Lee     (2D35)
  • DARPA and Data: A Portfolio Overview, William C. Regli, Brian Pierce     (2D36)
  • Knowledge Networks in Biomedicine, Sergio E Baranzini, University of California     (2D37)
  • Manufacturing, Barry Smith     (2D38)
  • Open Knowledge Network, Andrew W. Moore, Ramanathan V. Guha     (2D39)
  • Open Knowledge Network: Recap & Some Related Work at NSF, Chaitanya Baru     (2D40)
  • Open Knowledge Networks for Geosciences, Sustainability, and Convergent Research in Natural-Human Systems, Yolanda Gil, University of Southern California     (2D41)
  • Reflections on Data Science for Finance (Dsfin), Louiqa Raschid     (2D42)
  • Representing The Financial System, Mark D. Flood, Office of Financial Research     (2D43)
  • Role of NIST in Realizing OKN, Ram D. Sriram, National Institute of Standards and Technology     (2D44)

[13:15] RaviSharma: Ram - more on participant forums, let us all meet, Ram suggested Guha and Yolanda,     (2D45)

[13:17] RaviSharma: more a participatory forum than speakers who come speak but do not stay for other sessions     (2D46)

[13:18] RaviSharma: Gary thanks     (2D47)

[13:19] David Eddy: thx Ken     (2D48)

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